Sautéed Radishes

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Sautéed Radishes

So, I understand most of you do not like radishes, I didn’t when I was younger but they are probably one of the easiest things to grow (seriously, no matter how terrible you are at gardening this will grow) and they grew easily in Vegas, which meant they appeared in salads quite frequently. I grew to like them. Now, since Iv gone low carb I have honestly missed French fries (my friend and I used to dip them in ice cream, yep, you read that correctly) and knowing they’re a thing of the past made me slightly nostalgic for a burger with a side of them every now and then. I admit, obviously I once had an affection for fries.

This weekend I stumbled across a recipe for sautéed & roasted radishes and thought to myself, self that sounds gross, but someone posted “they taste like potatoes!” and without missing a beat I was instantly intrigued.

Never would I have guessed I’d end up scouring the county for them. I searched at Target, Walmart, Publix, and Kroger with no luck, it appears someone else has unlocked this glorious low carb treasure in my area as well. Finally, I scored at another the last Target clear across town, and I shamelessly bought all they had!

Tonight, we are having grilled sausages & sauerkraut with a lovely side of sautéed heaven.


 3 bundles of radishes (rinsed, ends removed, and sliced thinly)

4 tbsp of Kerry gold butter

Salt & pepper to taste

Sautéed over medium heat until translucent and served hot.

NUTRITION – serving 1 cup raw

Carbs 3.4, Fiber 1.6, Net carbs 1.8, Calories 152, Fat 16.1, Protein 0.8

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