Mouth Watering Pot Roast with Faux Potatoes!!

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We purchased some local grass fed beef recently and I found myself with an excess of meat that needed to be used (not a problem at my house we are definitely carnivores) but it left me searching for healthier ways to cook the things we enjoy. We’ve always followed a very rich and savory pot roast recipe but it calls for Worcestershire sauce, sugar, potatoes, and other things that just no longer fit our way of eating (still trying to drag my darling husband on board, kicking and screaming) so started today’s adventure of creating a recipe we could use, including a way to create a similar tasting sauce.

Pot Roast

Gasp!! Potatoes! Nope, even better, slow cooked sauce absorbed potato like Radishes!! I started by searing the meat. I added olive oil to a hot Dutch oven over flame, coated the meat in smoked paprika and laid it in the hot pan. It sizzled and popped for a few moments and as the sear is created the meat becomes easier to lift and flip. I created the sear on both sides and all edges (I used tongs) before lowering the flame and starting the sauce.

Pot Roast1

I began with pure tomato sauce (no sugar or salt added) then minced garlic, water, red cooking wine, Himalayan pink salt, ground pepper, ground mustard, coconut aminos, onion powder, and finally garlic powder. As that began to simmer I added in a cut sweet onion, a few cut up colored carrots, and a heap of Radishes (this was my first time using them in a roast and I was nervous my husband would give me kickback so I spent a little time considering my approach) I settled with poking holes in the Radishes with a fork (like you would a baked potato) not to allow air in for cooking but to allow sauce in for flavor absorption.

Pot Roast 3

All that was left was to place the lid on the pot and pop it in the oven at 250 degrees (oh yah and restrain myself for the next 5 hours while my house filled with the most wonderful and comfort smelling aroma) to allow for slow cooking to keep the meat tender and allow the vegetables to cook while soaking in all those flavors.

Pot Roast 4

I removed it from the oven just in time to need to head out the door for a church event that evening (a speaker was coming to share her mission with us called kids to love, a non profit organization faith based and called to help foster children with the things they need) so I had to walk out the door mouth watering but knowing what I’d be coming home to.

 If someone other than myself had made this I would have never questioned that my roast was served with potatoes. They looked like potatoes (their red color had faded so that they resembled potatoes) their texture was firm yet spongy like a potato, and their flavor was that of the juices in the roast (no bitter or pepperish flavor at all) they were just right. I did not but could imagine having smashed them and adding a dallop of Kerry gold butter. I was content and totally satisfied just spooning it into a bowl and digging in. Pleasantly surprised and grateful for yet another healthier option that is full of flavor that’s another win for the home team on the journey to a happy and healthy life.


3-5 lb roast

2 – sweet onions

5 – carrots

30 – Radishes

1 cup – red cooking wine

1/2 cup – water

8 oz – tomato sauce

5 cloves – minced garlic

4 tbsp – coconut aminos

2 tbsp – ground mustard

2 tbsp – garlic powder

2 tbsp – onion powder

1 tbsp – ground pepper

1 tbsp – pink Himalayan salt

3 tbsp – olive oil (or oil of your choice)

Smoked paprika


Place Dutch oven on stove top and heat over medium high with olive oil. Cover roast on all sides with paprika and place into the pot. Allow each side to sear until easily flipped (a brown crust will form) you should brown both sides and edges all around to lock in the juices. Then begin adding the ingredients for the sauce.

I add the liquids first and then the dry seasonings followed by the vegetables. The onion is roughly cut into chunks, the carrots are peeled and chopped into 1/2 inch or so rounds (however you’d like them is fine) and the Radishes have their stems removed and holes poked in them (I used a pickle fork) around each side to allow juices to enter while cooking.

Place on the oven at 250 degrees for 4 to 5 hours (until meat is cooked through and vegetables tender)


Hint: you can substitute red cooking wine for beef broth though I have found it to be not quite as savory

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