Mango Sherbet

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It has been an exceptionally hot summer in the south and I have been looking for a sweet cool treat. I spent over an hour in the grocery store the other day flipping over ice cream and reading the nutrition for each. I was surprised at how many different brands offer "diet" ice cream. I found low fat, high protein, low carb, low calorie, but every one out there contained some sort of wheat or sugar ingredient (come on manufacturers get with it no grains and no sugar!)

When it comes to frozen treats I am especially fond of sorbets and sherbets. I made several attempts (did you know it is possible to make disgusting ice cream? Like, that actually exists, really it is a thing) And it took about 4 tries to find a recipe that I not only loved but was willing to share with all of you.

I use this ice cream maker with my kitchenaid mixer, I like that once you pull it out of the freezer it is ready to go. Within 7-10 minutes the ice cream is ready to eat (rarely it may take 15ish minutes depending on how cold you allowed it to get).  It is easy to attach and super easy to clean up. When this one is in the freezer prepping for duty I also like this ice cream maker.

I was so impressed with this mango sherbet I actually woke up this morning thinking about it and decided to make two more flavors (red raspberry and key lime), now I am not sure which one I like the best! So, i'll just scoop a swirl, in true sherbet style.


** my non keto husband who also does not like raspberry anything actually said and I quote "I don't like raspberry but that is really good"


1 can – coconut milk, unsweetened (I use thai)
1/2 cup – swerve sweetener
1/2 cup – heavy whipping cream (I use land o lakes)
1/2 tsp – Lorann's Flavor Fountain, flavorings (they have just about any flavor you could want)


In a mixing bowl combine all of the ingredients and stir well. Pour mixture into ice cream maker and follow directions for your specific maker. Spoon into a dish and serve immediately. Store in an airtight container, these are my favorite.



NUTRITION: Serving size - 1/4 recipe.

Cal 256.5, Fat 25g, Carbs 3.3, Fiber 0, Protein 1.65, Net Carbs: 3.3

** this includes 0.4 carbs per serving of heavy cream although the label reads 0 carbs per serving.

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