The most “sugar like” keto sweetener!

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It melts like sugar, it caramelizes like sugar, it tastes like sugar, without the insulin spike and only 10 calories per serving!

Allulose; is the most unrated and overlooked sweetener in the keto world, considered a “sugar” it is not digested, excreted primarily through urine, and no ill effects.

It is a rare sugar that is not digested and has zero impact on your blood sugar levels or ketones. It is excreted through urine (approximately 2/3) and bowel without absorption.

The Good:

* It melts like sugar allowing a caramel sauce to form.

* It mixes in ice cream without hardening – helping keep your keto ice cream soft!

* It tastes the most like sugar of all sweeteners, no funny after taste, no cooling effect.

* It acts the most like sugar and melts down without any crystallizing effects thus syrups and caramels become a breeze!

* Glycemic index of zero

The Bad:

* It has 10 calories per serving (but let’s face it that’s NOTHING when you find you can have something so reminiscent of sugar without the glucose spike)

* Increased amounts may cause stomach upset (as does most sweeteners) though I did my find many complaints to support this.

* It is still somewhat elusive, not widely mass marketed, and can be a bit more expensive that it’s competitors like swerve and stevia. Totally worth it!

Find them here

Variety Pack: honey, maple, liquid, crystals

Or individual bottles here





I prefer the Variety Pack & the 3 lb container of crystals

3 lb container


As new citations/studies become available I will list them here to keep you updated.

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