Keto Ice Cream

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Keto ice cream! It is incredibly simple and magnificently delicious ❤️ a summer must and grain free! 


1 cup – heavy whipping cream, land o lakes 

2 tbsp – swerve sweetener  

1 tsp – vanilla extract, organic 

Additional: you can add the strawberry reduction syrup and blend well for a delicious strawberry ice cream. You may add other flavors and goodies as well like; 

Lily’s chocolate chips & sugar free cocoa


Add ingredients into mason jar & stir well. Place lid on the jar and shake vigorously (3-5 minutes of shaking, earn that ice cream!) Remove lid and dip a spoon into the mix, it should coat the back of the spoon. Replace lid and place into the freezer for 3 hours. Remove & serve! 


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