Cream Cheese Pancakes with Strawberries & Cream

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strawberry pancakes

I had some of that heavenly strawberry reduction syrup left over from my Strawberry Yummies concoction. I couldn’t waste such a delightful addition to my pallet and so today’s breakfast was born.


Blending it in the nutriblender is so much less of a hassle and a much quicker cleanup (plus you can pour right out of it, bonus, less dishes!)

I started with a basic cream cheese pancake recipe. It will make approximately three large pancakes OR 12 mini pancakes (I prefer minis and they’re easier to flip).


They will be ready to flip when they’re evenly dispersed with bubbles and the edges start to stiffen


Almost there, ahhhhhh!

Next I warmed up some of the strawberry syrup with a dallop of Kerry gold butter and drizzled it over the top. Lastly, I large topping of land o lakes whipped  cream to finish it off.

It reminded me of a buttery strawberry jam biscuit & it was just what this southern belle needed.


Cream Cheese Pancakes 

2 – eggs

2 oz – cream cheese

1 tsp – Swerve (you could use more if not adding strawberry syrup)

1/3 tsp – baking powder

1/2 tsp – pure vanilla extract

Blend all ingredients well until smooth lump free consistency (I use my nutribullet for this, it makes for quick & easy cleanup). Heat a nonstick pan over medium heat and pour mixture onto pan. Allow bubbles to appear consistently within the pancake and the edges to stiffen before flipping.

Nutrition: yields 3 large or 12 mini 

cal 344, fat 26.5, carbs 2.7, fiber 0, protein 16.6, net carbs 2.7 

With 1 tbsp strawberry syrup, 1 tbsp butter, & 2 tbsp whipped cream: 

Cal 470, fat 41 g, carbs 4, fiber 0, protein 17 , net carbs 4 

Maple syrup recommendations

If you are looking for a more traditional maple syrup for your pancakes I have found 2 that i highly recommend. They’re my go to.

1. Maple syrup

2. Maple syrup

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