Corned beef & Cabbage

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Yesterday I sough out with expectations to learn to use my husbands Smoker that he received from Santa for Christmas. A Green Mountain, Jim Bowie edition. It’s large and quite intimidating. Did I mention he was not home? I felt determined to have corned beef and cabbage and to be able to do it myself.

First I removed the corned beef from the package and placed it into a disposable tin pan, next I added cleaned halved radishes, and sprinkled seasoning over the top of the meat. I placed the tray, uncovered, into the smoker at 250 degrees for 2 hours. While it was cooking I cut a head of cabbage into four and removed the core. I removed the tray from the smoker and laid the cabbage wedges around the perimeter in each corner of the tray. I glazed each wedge with a butter, mustard, garlic sauce and then covered the tray tightly placing it back into the smoker at 280 degrees for another 3 hours (internal temperature for meat 205 f)

Once the meat reached an internal temperature of 205 degrees it was ready to be removed. Now was what I had spent the last 5 hours waiting for, the verdict, did I master the smoker on my own? Would it be edible?

The end result was not only edible but absolutely delicious!! The radishes absorbed the juices from the meat and the butter glaze that seeped from the cabbage, the cabbage was buttery and salty and melted in your mouth, the meat was tender and full of flavor that reminded me of the best pieces of hearty hambone meat. It was definitely a win!


Garlic salt




1 – Head of Cabbage

Corned Beef Brisket

Mustard Glaze (for the cabbage)

1/3 cup – butter

1 tbsp – Mustard

1 tsp – Garlic salt

Melt the butter and mix in the garlic salt and mustard. Brush over cabbage and pour remaining bit of glaze making sure to get every last drop onto the cabbage.

Heat the smoker to 250 degrees, place the corned beef into the pan and lay the halved radishes around the brisket. Place into smoker for 2 hours, then remove the brisket and place the cabbage quarters in each corner of the pan covering with the mustard glaze, and wrap tightly with foil. Place back into the smoker at 280 degrees and cook until internal temperature reaches 280 degrees. Remove and enjoy!

*** No nutritional info provided as this all vary based on Ingredients & weight of meat.

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