Cinnamon Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee

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In an attempt to deter anxiety attacks, improve better overall health, and preserve heart function (I have heart damage related to chemo therapy) I gave up caffeine in September 2016 {gasp}. 

I started my caffeine free journey full well knowing I couldn’t give up the taste of coffee (blame nursing school and graduate school on that addiction) I ventured over to those really expensive coffee houses and attempted to order my favorite drinks in decaf from, you know the ones where they’re $5.00 a drink, and you’re lucky if they get it right? Well, more often than not, I ended up circling back around (or running in if the line was intolerable) to have a new drink prepared because I’d received regular coffee (one sip sent my heart racing). 

I found myself frequenting these coffee houses, so much so that I was even a Gold Member, and spending a lot of money ($100.00s of dollars shamefully) and the carb counts exceeded 50 per cup {even bigger gasp than before} ridiculous, right? 

Well, I am a planner girl (lists make me sooo happy) and I set out with a resolution to give up the coffee houses for at least 21 days (I am quite ambitious aren’t I) 

Fast forward, I surpassed my original goal of 21 days and we are now several months in with no intention of looking back at this point. I started making hot coffee, chilling it or freezing it, and adding it to my morning protein shakes (in attempt to get a twofer) blech!!! It was terrible! Butter and nose wrinkling gross. Apparently, little did I know, coffee houses actually cold brew coffee, for their iced coffee drinks. Hard lesson on the tastebuds. 

I researched several cold brew coffee options (in the normal people affordable range) and found one with great reviews and budget friendly (coffee stuff prices can just downright hurt your feelings). The above shown is the one that I purchased . The Toddy Cold Brewer

Super easy to use with a nice glass decanter that has a lid and stores well in the fridge! With all the money I had saved and will save not frequenting the coffee shops it was an easy decision.

I make my coffee either 12 hours or 24 hours prior to use. You have to allow it to steep that long (it’s worth the wait, like southern sun tea, patience) and then I store what I will use at a later time in the fridge. Easy! 

Mix to your hearts desire & of course as always ENJOY!! 


8 oz – coffee

1 tsp – pure organic vanilla 

1/4 cup – land o lakes heavy cream 

4 tbsp – land o lakes whipped cream 

1 tsp – ground organic cinnamon 

1 1/2 cup – califia almond milk 

Directions: Add all liquids together, stir (optional) top with whipped cream & dust with cinnamon. 

Optional: a dash of swerve sweetener (zero Glycemic index, 0 carbs) for sweetness 

Nutrition: calories 314, Fat 29, Net carbs 0.6, Protein 2 

Pearl of wisdom: different brands add different additives to their product. I prefer land o lakes heavy cream & whipped cream in a can due to their carb counts. 


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