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Did you grow up hearing your parents / grandparents saying “waste not want not”? No, just me, oh ok well it had its benefits in the long run. I enjoy the flavors of rotisserie chicken and I enjoy even more that you can buy them at your local grocery store already prepared. It does this girls nerves well when I can skip a step or two and save some time (that one thing we all seem to have less and less of).

There are a multitude of ketogenic and low carb recipes to be made with shredded chicken (one of my favorites Avocado Chicken Salad) but not many for those left over scraps, so here goes.

Look at how much is left over to discard in comparison to the meat that we will use.

Do nothing more, pull out your instant pot (what’s that you say, you don’t have one?! [Gasp] what are you waiting for) pour the ingredients into the removable pot and add your spices and veggies. I prefer to use up what we have on hand which typically includes onions, celery, herbs, and garlic. Most recipes you’ll see use carrots, I do not, I’d rather not cook those sugars into my broth. Add water, put on the lid, punch in the 2 hour (120 minutes, in case you’re counting right now like I did initially) and voila.

Do not I repeat DO NOT immediately attempt to remove the pot lid when the timer goes off. Just gingerly click the off button and walk away. The instant pot is essentially a pressure cooker, it will need to release pressure before you can remove the lid, no worries there is a little metal piece on the top of the lid that will rise with pressure, when it’s ready to be opened this little piece will have dropped back down.

You’re going to want to strain all of the extras from your liquid, super simple, just grab your strainer (cheese cloth will work too but it’s a bit of an over shoot), discard all but the broth (your pets shouldn’t have the onion and possibly other ingredients so at this point it’s offered up all its usefulness unless you have a composter and you’re into all of that).

Allow it to cool and then bag it up, I like to put the date on it, and lie it flat for easiest storage in the freezer.


Carcass of chicken, bones, skin

onions, chopped into quarters

bay leaves (I usually use 2)

Celery sticks

Salt & Pepper

Any other seasonings you may fancy to your taste


Lift the pot out of the cooker, pour in our chicken scraps, add your vegetables, spices, garlic, and herbs and cover with water. You don’t want to add too much water because you’ll decrease the flavor of your broth.

On the instant pot, you’ll lock the lid, close the steam release valve, and push manual. Set the time for 120 minutes, and enjoy the aroma that fills your house while you’re off to do other things that require your time.


Nutrition: will vary based on your ingredients.

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