About Me

I’m a thirty something southern belle at best & city girl at heart. I grew up out west, Las Vegas born, and relocated to the deep south of Alabama in my teens. I currently reside in Alabama with my native southern husband and our gregarious and lively 2 year old Great Dane, Judge.
I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I was the chubby child, the overweight adolescent, and the obese adult. I yo-yo dieted from as early as 13 years old and would lose and regain even more. It has been in my adult life that I have accepted and taken accountability for my addiction “comfort foods”. Growing up eating Tex-Mex & Mexicali infused food and then transplanting to the land of fried chicken & potatoes made it quite easy. Food became my drug, my anti stress, my comfort. This is simply my journey, finding my way back to a life of health and happiness, one meal, one day, and one bite at a time.